Thursday, April 29, 2010...

marks one week since the grad show and our new website going up, so it may be about darn time to talk about that! But first, a note on why not to expect expedient cooking when an artist is in the kitchen:

Vegetables are so very fun - look at all that personality!

So, the Sheridan Illustration 2010 grad show ran last Thurs/Fri on Queen St. in Toronto and as usual those two days met my maximum allowable yearly dosage of downtown Toronto. Queen St. is just a very... interesting... place, where a lot of extremes contrast against each other. Everything moves faster downtown and the press of people and cars makes you move faster too. You really get caught up in it. I think this year (the 3rd grad show I've been to at the Queen St. location) I paid more attention to the people and places and less to the grad show itself, which despite looking better each year, no longer holds much interest for me. That's unfortunate in a way, because this year it was my turn so to speak, but I couldn't help feeling it was all a big, shiny pat on the back. Not that that's bad (after four years the grads deserve a pat) but it's not so much the dress-up and mingle occasion I used to think it was. So instead of camping out at the show, I hit the streets with Jill and a friend.

Here are the very few photos from those days. We were too distracted doing things to take pictures of ourselves doing things, so you'll have to take my word for it.

We ended up sitting under this ad on the GO train and there was definitely a "..." moment. I haven't seen a campaign that's that in your face in awhile.

This was another ad on the GO I ended up under. Very fitting!

A shot my board and its neighbour-boards during Friday when no one was really around (which described most of Friday).

And finally myself standing in front of my comparatively anemic looking board, on which I took the risk of displaying only my GMO work to present a single, focused message. Unfortunately, the room was so packed that nobody was ever going to stop and read this when there was so much colourful, feel-good art nearby. In hindsight, I likely should have stuck to things with more visual impact and less controversial content! But, if I got at least a few people talking about GMOs then I guess that's a plus.

And last but not least, the new t42 website is indeed up at and in the coming days I will try to do a little feature here on works removed and works added, and maybe Jill can add her two cents as well. Until then, I'm off to try and figure out what kind of snake bit my hat in the woods today!

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