Monday, March 1, 2010...

is another day of rendering hex furniture models. I spent all of yesterday rebuilding the darn things so the texture would actually appear. The wood grain creates quite the repeating pattern, which is probably a no-no, but for 3D and me this is as good as it gets! The indigo plug-in rendered each of these in about 2 hours. It will go indefinitely if you leave it, but after a certain point it really isn't going to improve much more. Speaking of not improving much more, I continue to fail at organizing the content in these posts. I don't know if it's Blogger or just me, but I spend far longer trying to rearrange these posts than I do writing them!

Here's a bigger version of the image from last post. This past month has been one deep foray into the social, environmental, health, and economic factors associated with genetically modified foods, as well as the science behind it. Talk about a crash course in biotechnology, but I have a fairly decent grasp of the process of creating recombinant DNA now. Clearly from the image you can see which side of the fence I fall on, though that is by far the most telling imagery in the article I'm creating, with the rest being an objective as possible presentation of the technology and the risks associated. Funny note, when I returned 2 days later to check the posters I'd put up at the school, someone had added a [citation needed] paper underneath them. Of course I had to go right home, print out my references, bring them back and tack them up underneath! I'm going to miss academia.

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  1. Chase says:

    *laughs* Sounds like your school is fun mate. I too am going to miss academia...durr what to do with this shiny piece of paper??!


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