Monday, Feb. 22, 2010...

is mostly about working on hexagonal furniture design. This is a project I desperately need to get caught up on, as I've wasted far too much time failing at using Bonzai 3D and Strata. So it's back to reliable, dummy-proof SketchUp with the Indigo plug-in for rendering. The idea here is taking inspiration from a lot of hexagonal shapes in nature (search "Giant's Causeway Ireland" for the most super awesome hexagonal thing you've ever seen) and making an interlocking, highly-customizable sort of Lego-esque furniture set. I have a lot of designs but am still struggling with the quirks of rendering, specifically it doesn't seem to like textures on copy+pasted components. The wood texture is bamboo.

And yesterday was about Camerupt. Camerupt is a ridiculous Pokemon that has two volcanoes on its back instead of humps, and I thought that was a pretty worthy combination to be painted.

Hurray for t42 progress, even if it's only snail's pace progress! It's too bad I still can't figure out how to space things properly on this blog...

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