Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2010...


involved a late night mission to the school to take advantage of a conveniently empty display board upon which had been left the "EVIL FOOD" and "COMING OUT OF" signs. It was just begging for some of my GM project art! Full size is BIG, but not as big as the problem that is GM food.

Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2010...


is The Day of the Narwhal! I picked up my laser-cut cardboard flat pack sheet today and discovered that I'd designed the slots about 1/32 of an inch too big, which means the pieces don't stay together. However, my old friend glue helped with that problem and now I have a fully constructed narwhal model! The cardboard still smelled very strongly of BURNING, leading me to constantly wonder what was on fire while I was making it. "What does one do with a narwhal model?", you may ask. I think the last photograph will answer that.

Monday, Feb. 22, 2010...


is mostly about working on hexagonal furniture design. This is a project I desperately need to get caught up on, as I've wasted far too much time failing at using Bonzai 3D and Strata. So it's back to reliable, dummy-proof SketchUp with the Indigo plug-in for rendering. The idea here is taking inspiration from a lot of hexagonal shapes in nature (search "Giant's Causeway Ireland" for the most super awesome hexagonal thing you've ever seen) and making an interlocking, highly-customizable sort of Lego-esque furniture set. I have a lot of designs but am still struggling with the quirks of rendering, specifically it doesn't seem to like textures on copy+pasted components. The wood texture is bamboo.

And yesterday was about Camerupt. Camerupt is a ridiculous Pokemon that has two volcanoes on its back instead of humps, and I thought that was a pretty worthy combination to be painted.

Hurray for t42 progress, even if it's only snail's pace progress! It's too bad I still can't figure out how to space things properly on this blog...

raven warden


character sketches of my elven ranger for a forum based d&d campaign Zach is running.

happy valentines lunar new year of the tiger


i noticed some people doing Lum themed lunar new year pictures and couldn't resist doing one for myself.

art pun on the run


Jill said I should do a vignette-y painting. I heard Vin Yeti. I sure do wish t42 was up... or even started.