we are thinking of rebranding in the near future!

I am in possession of a new sketch book. After 5 years I finally finished the last one. I'd almost forgotten the joys of the crease shadow when scanning. So amateur but so authentic! Yeah, Jill helped pretty my Ariel up.

Hmm, what else is new... oh we're still oogling Vector Magic after many months and thinking of purchasing a license. It looks like a pretty fun program for digitizing traditional stuff. Though I'd likely use it more for lineart, here's an example of what it does to watercolour. Looks just like it from a distance but now it's gained great powers of scaling! Well it would if it wasn't just a screenshot. You can try it out for free at vectormagic.com

I guess the only other things I have to say for now are: District 9 was a great movie, custom framing is expensive, and I wish I knew when Diablo 3 was being released! Oh, and after much deliberation we might change from Lotus Ink to Tea 4 Two (with applicable website/blog/card/etc. changes) because we (think) we have a better idea of what we want to be now and this rebranding will be more a mutual effort than my tagging along with Jill's Lotus Ink. It's better done sooner than later.

3 Responses on "we are thinking of rebranding in the near future!"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Will there be tea which I may purchase?

    Zach says:

    Gosh I wish! But until we reach the pinnacle of awesomeness and have our own tea brand, you may just have to think of us whenever you have a cup. Tea 4 Three.

    Anonymous says:

    I humbly request an art update.

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