back to business

My position with UTM has come to an end, all the work is finished up, and while it was a great three and a half months I am beginning to realize how much I put everything else off to the side during that time.

One thing in particular that scared me was when I checked my lotus-ink mail, which I generally trust to redirect to a personal mail I check daily. That is one frightening inbox and I am currently doing my best to sort through the incredible amount of spam that is not filtered and find the important things that may or may not have actually made it to my personal inbox!

Also, yesterday marked the first time all summer I sat down and sketched for fun, and it really made me reflect on how exactly the years have drained that spontaneity and why. That's still a thought process in progress and I will need to discuss with peers and friends.

So, my thoughts at this point are that I am happy to have a couple of weeks now to reassess priorities and pick up on some neglected areas. Among other valuable lessons, this summer has driven home the fact that I am a poor multitasker and place all my energy in one place at a time. Perhaps not a bad thing, but good to know.

And with that, I'm diving back into my inbox and other such tasks and ending this on a radishing note.

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