back to the goblins

Once upon a time, I decided that I would flip to a random page in my cooking ingredients book and Jill and I would draw something from that page as a goblin. The time was two days ago - that something... was a prawn. Prawn Goblins.

Then, once upon this other time, Jill said we should participate in Harvey James' little lady drawing project... which was just another excuse for me to draw goblins. Although... he did state that they should be drawn as 'human' girls... hohum~ Sometimes it can't be helped.

And then upon this OTHER time I painted a nice watercolour but didn't post it because I thought I might have to post it somewhere else first but then I promised to post it later. We shall call this the tale of the promised one, and revisit it another day >.o

Now I am going back to being sick, good day!

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