i blogged a little... in my pants

I haven't updated because I haven't drawn. I haven't even wanted to draw. With the courses I have this semester I'd way waaay rather read up on politics and literature than do any of the actual art work, but one of those magic moments came along recently. This magic moment cost $63, but it made me want to draw again... and I did. I think the only reason I'm in sci/tech is to learn how to draw awesome bugs and birds and rodents and trees to surround my true love - goblins. Except we don't even get to draw any of that shit anymore. Anyways, the magic came out of a Jean-Baptiste Monge faerie art book, and it was like BAM from the first image. It was like discovering Brian Froud all over again. I had a little artgasm, shelled out the $63 I definately can't afford, and went home to savour it. By the next day I had drawn. Today, I drew again. It's madness, I remember how to draw for fun! So here, I smooshed everything together:

Who knows, tomorrow I may even draw again. One thing's for sure, I'll be drawing this summer, at the UTM biolab. I'm super happy to say my co-op placement involves drawing bugs and bug parts and offers a whole biology department worth of study material. I suspect I will not wish to leave in the fall when class comes round again, but the shiny, ever elusive degree lays just beyond the bend.

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