darkstalkers tribute

so Udon Entertainment held another Capcom art tribute contest, this time for Darkstalkers. last time i missed the deadline, hearing about the contest too late, this time i got an entry in on time but didn't make the cut. over 2000 entries from around the world! craziness. bet the book will be awesome though.

i picked qbee thinking she wouldn't be drawn as much as other characters *coughmorrigancoughfelicia* and tried to do something unique by doing a sci/tech illustration of her. she is a bee girl after all. i guess techies can influence interps too!

2 Responses on "darkstalkers tribute"

  1. Chanp says:

    cool, clever idea. i like how u labelled each part etc.

    damnnn i think this should definitely have been in the book D:

    anyways great colours!

    Jill says:

    thanks Peter! yea, it's too bad, but oh well! did you do anything for the book?

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