birds + bees

the birds and the bees show was great fun! got to see tons of school chums i haven't seen for months and lots of great work. i hope lots of pieces get sold to help fund the grad show more but at least they have enough money for the book to get printed now.

here's the digi colour rough and the traditional final of my piece.

(i kinda like the colours in the rough better XD)

this was my first time doing a photocopy transfer onto wood. i got coached through it with the help of Vicki and Ilichna. i wasn't aware just how much i had to scrub the paper off for this process. it didn't peel off at all. after i burnished it and waited for it to cure it didn't really want to move. it was a good learning experience, and now i know not to do it on board! it really helped me keep my lineart though, which is why i wanted to try it. some lines had to get reinked after painting over the transfer but not alot. all in all i'd still say it was a success. i'd definately like to try this more in the future!

photos from the show and purchase information can be found at
the birds and the bees blog.

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  1. Hyein Lee says:

    Oh Ms Secord and her scandalous paintings!
    I love your work by the way. First photocopy transfer, eh? Looks amazing.
    ...So you had scrub a while, eh?

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