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i've been meaning to get into doing shirt designs for awhile. i have pages of roughs for shirt designs that i want to do. this one just got approved to be in the running on threadless. now for the 7 day voting period!

My Submission
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here's an art trade of a friend's Ragnarok Online character. i'm playing around with "more marketable" illustration styles. i've always loved smart flats and so i kinda used this as a style test. inspired by Marguerite Sauvage.

deep deep deep drown


I recently got pretty engaged/enraged with a project for an architectural class, and this was the result.

The project was an architectural collage, and my take on it became a comment on the project rather that the project itself, as I saw it as aesthetic ambiguity in relation to form and function and the resulting identity which is quite open to interpretation. As usual, I found myself digging quite deep in this material, which I think is good in an academic situation but would probably not make me such a great illustrator in a practical business sense. Sometimes I wonder if I do this to compliment or to compensate...