presents + paintings

long time no post! i once again attempted to create art as presents for my loved ones this christmas. i don't think i was quite ambitious as Vicki but i completed what i had planned to make. 3 traditional acrylic pieces all on a fun super thick cardboard.

first is for my sister. she asked me at first if she could commission a piece from me for her band. the lines were already done by her, she just wanted me to colour it. i told her we'd figure something out and she could pay me later. i then gave it to her as a christmas present, oh how tricky of me.

after this, i have discovered that ballpoint pen is much more forgiving on acrylic than any other pen. i take this to mean they are friends and will continue to use them together in my traditional escapades.

these other 2 pieces are for my mum and her fiancee. portraits of their dogs, Nugget and Shuba. i don't really have a lot of experience drawing, let alone painting, dogs, so i was pretty happy with how these ones turned out.

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