life tetris

Yes, Life Tetris is what I'm playing. Except in this game the lines never stop building upwards, so all that really matters is making sure there are no awkward holes in your stack of blocks, which is quite hard. Some pieces I'm working on fitting in include: A) School - lining up a passport, OSAP loan, Jan. readmission into Illustration with a custom timetable, completing missing year 3 classes, getting set up with a paying co-op position for next Summer (fingers crossed for UTM entomology lab), and finishing my degree next year, B) ESL - completing my ESL teaching certification courses, pounding through those textbooks and learning as much as I can about teaching because no matter how good 6 intense days are they can't teach you everything about teaching, and potentially going overseas with a group to teach in 2+ years, C) Writing - completing all edits on the novel I just finished, getting feedback from the proofreaders, continuing my agent search, perfection the query letter/synopsis, and maybe SOMEDAY getting around to actually SENDING said letter, and D) not going broke during this time frame. I'm also trying to find time to finally read Spiderwick. And no, I really have no new art aside from collabs with Jill on our X-mas card and a video game loadscreen, booo.

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  1. vicki says:

    holy crap pal...

    cus i mean.... jeez louise.


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