of grump bears and monsters


grump bears in acrylic on 6x6" canvas, mine is the orange on blue one on the right,

and a traditional version of a panel from my CHAOS2 comic. this is a 12x12" wood panel also done in acrylic with pen and ink detailing.

i should probably get back into traditional work again. i've been stuck doing digi stuff for so long. fortunately these were all pretty fun and not frustrating (as i was expecting them to be XD)

still not king


Heeey there internets! We visited the ROM and the AGO recently during TORONTO ADVETURE NIGHTS WITH SCOTT and, as expected, we discovered dinosaurs and art! Overall I'd say the ROM was more fun, because honestly who likes looking at art? The highlights at the ROM for me were the giant turtle, sloth, and armadillo. I like giant versions of things that are small today. Also, the 'Insects and Asians in Miniskirts' section was quite good. But honesly, who makes out at the ROM in a room full of bugs? The highlight of the AGO was the AGO. The building rocks, the art is ok. And no, we didn't do anything mean while we were so close to OCAD.

Artistic accomplishments of the last month include:

My face. No wait, spontaneously dying my hair some blonde-orange colour that doesn't show up as much in this pic as it does for real. My hair is now like a golden field of wheat gently blowing in a cool Fall wind... no wait, that's a Winter gale out there.

Art table! Replete with art! Art products! and primed minis! Jill and I have been working on some wood and also canvas, using acrylics, watercolour, ink, gouache, and yeah pretty much everything. Too bad it's kinda blurry. Here we have a grump bear (half of a pair, based on the buttons Jill and I made), some kind of cyclopean jellyfish (the watercolour made this thin wood go all flakey/splintery), and an old mouse skeleton sketch from two years ago that I'm not sure what to do with now. Ideas on how to finish that one? (the red one)

And last but not least, this (which speaks for itself clearly)! The 'crap' is just a cut out piece of paper, it's not ACTUALLY on there so I could leave it off or change it to 'carp'... AHAHAHAH...

Now Jill just needs to post hers! Post, Jill, post!



a little traditional tidbit i managed to crank out at Zach's grandma's house. awwww, aren't they cuuuute?

imma weiner - PRAC 08 juried show


It turns out that if you're a decent artist, and decently lucky, and have someone who's willing to help you by shelling out hundreds of dollars for framing, you can win at these juried show dealies! I was mostly expecting to get totally wiped, this being my first juried show, but I was fortunate enough to have both pieces (the cat shoe pen + ink and the pistol and rose pastel one) I entered accepted as well as win one of the medium level awards. This is most cool! Jill and I hit up the reception on Thursday night with my Grandmother (who seemed to know everyone) and there was lots of good work and interesting people to be seen. Of 180 entries, 70 pieces were accepted. I entered the adult category and was probably the youngest person to take an award so that makes me feel speshul, aww. And what did my Grandmother have to say about it? "Win a bigger one next time!" Ok, I'm on it. Thanks PRAC, thanks Grandma. Z out.