digger monkies

Digger Monkey, not artist, has been my profession throughout the last two months. I joined up with an archaeological team to make some lewt and ended up staying a bit longer than the initial two weeks. It's hard. It's dang hard, but it pays well and I'd rather have poison ivy than work sales. I did a bit of artifact illustration while I was at it, an arrowhead, some pottery, and an old military jacket button. The arrowhead, and all other native tools, are deceptively hard to draw. They have to show how the chert was flaked to form the tool, so it ends up more like mapping than illustrating.

But now, at last, both Jill and I are back in Oakville, doin' stuff and... yeah, stuff. Bein' done. Kinda. I think I have to return to Sheridan next year if I'm to finish my degree, but I don't see that happening. Rather, I shall drift like a jellyfish in the ocean of life, swept by the currents and occasionally stinging people. As you can tell by that awesome metaphor, I have been doing a lot of writing. Well, actually I have! I'd super-dee-duper like to have something published this year so I'll be working on that, maybe try to bring the Rotten Fruit Sprites back. Hopefully Chaos 2 is completed someday and Furt and Gus are exposed to the world. ANTI released their days and week issue at last with my rotten bananas in it so anything is possible! I also need to hook up with people again, as I've been in the middle of nowhere for two months collecting great stories to share about propane and outhouses, timber wolves, and collapsing docks! Hooray! And how did the Liberals lose Oakville?

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