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Living and working in someone else's home is a huge damper on creativity. I thought when we came down to Ottawa to work for the summer I might still paint a bit at night and check out the arts community in this area in my off time, but by the time I've put in my shift and gotten back to my room that's just big enough for a bed, table, and laundry basket, all I want to do is vegetate. Shower, dinner, putter on computer, collapse. In 2 weeks I haven't written or drawn anything, and it's a total null mindset - no ideas, no execution, just existing. I think that working in your own creative space is best, working in a public space is not bad, but working in someone else's space is hard as heck.

However, it WAS quite neat to see our studio up on Illustrophile. Jill had said a bit about it before we left Oakville and I was looking through and seeing a few familiar names but I didn't think about it much after that, being so busy. Obviously Jill did though, because 2 days ago she called me over to show me the site again and I was pretty surprised to see 'hey... that's us!'

The last thing I did before we left was a submission for on online showcase magazine thing called ANTI. I wanted to get something in for their Days and Week (which I always think of as 'daze and weak' now) theme and the deadline was two days after we left Oakville, but I don't know what's up with it now. I got it in a couple days early but their page still says submissions open, deadline June 15th so I'm just waiting to see if something happens there. And here it is, my week long rotting banana project (which made my work area smell quite wonderful). I love painting rotten fruit!

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  1. vicki says:

    aww, this is adorable.

    way to go PAL.

    Dan Zen says:

    Great idea! Super execution!

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