life tetris


Yes, Life Tetris is what I'm playing. Except in this game the lines never stop building upwards, so all that really matters is making sure there are no awkward holes in your stack of blocks, which is quite hard. Some pieces I'm working on fitting in include: A) School - lining up a passport, OSAP loan, Jan. readmission into Illustration with a custom timetable, completing missing year 3 classes, getting set up with a paying co-op position for next Summer (fingers crossed for UTM entomology lab), and finishing my degree next year, B) ESL - completing my ESL teaching certification courses, pounding through those textbooks and learning as much as I can about teaching because no matter how good 6 intense days are they can't teach you everything about teaching, and potentially going overseas with a group to teach in 2+ years, C) Writing - completing all edits on the novel I just finished, getting feedback from the proofreaders, continuing my agent search, perfection the query letter/synopsis, and maybe SOMEDAY getting around to actually SENDING said letter, and D) not going broke during this time frame. I'm also trying to find time to finally read Spiderwick. And no, I really have no new art aside from collabs with Jill on our X-mas card and a video game loadscreen, booo.

of grump bears and monsters


grump bears in acrylic on 6x6" canvas, mine is the orange on blue one on the right,

and a traditional version of a panel from my CHAOS2 comic. this is a 12x12" wood panel also done in acrylic with pen and ink detailing.

i should probably get back into traditional work again. i've been stuck doing digi stuff for so long. fortunately these were all pretty fun and not frustrating (as i was expecting them to be XD)

still not king


Heeey there internets! We visited the ROM and the AGO recently during TORONTO ADVETURE NIGHTS WITH SCOTT and, as expected, we discovered dinosaurs and art! Overall I'd say the ROM was more fun, because honestly who likes looking at art? The highlights at the ROM for me were the giant turtle, sloth, and armadillo. I like giant versions of things that are small today. Also, the 'Insects and Asians in Miniskirts' section was quite good. But honesly, who makes out at the ROM in a room full of bugs? The highlight of the AGO was the AGO. The building rocks, the art is ok. And no, we didn't do anything mean while we were so close to OCAD.

Artistic accomplishments of the last month include:

My face. No wait, spontaneously dying my hair some blonde-orange colour that doesn't show up as much in this pic as it does for real. My hair is now like a golden field of wheat gently blowing in a cool Fall wind... no wait, that's a Winter gale out there.

Art table! Replete with art! Art products! and primed minis! Jill and I have been working on some wood and also canvas, using acrylics, watercolour, ink, gouache, and yeah pretty much everything. Too bad it's kinda blurry. Here we have a grump bear (half of a pair, based on the buttons Jill and I made), some kind of cyclopean jellyfish (the watercolour made this thin wood go all flakey/splintery), and an old mouse skeleton sketch from two years ago that I'm not sure what to do with now. Ideas on how to finish that one? (the red one)

And last but not least, this (which speaks for itself clearly)! The 'crap' is just a cut out piece of paper, it's not ACTUALLY on there so I could leave it off or change it to 'carp'... AHAHAHAH...

Now Jill just needs to post hers! Post, Jill, post!



a little traditional tidbit i managed to crank out at Zach's grandma's house. awwww, aren't they cuuuute?

imma weiner - PRAC 08 juried show


It turns out that if you're a decent artist, and decently lucky, and have someone who's willing to help you by shelling out hundreds of dollars for framing, you can win at these juried show dealies! I was mostly expecting to get totally wiped, this being my first juried show, but I was fortunate enough to have both pieces (the cat shoe pen + ink and the pistol and rose pastel one) I entered accepted as well as win one of the medium level awards. This is most cool! Jill and I hit up the reception on Thursday night with my Grandmother (who seemed to know everyone) and there was lots of good work and interesting people to be seen. Of 180 entries, 70 pieces were accepted. I entered the adult category and was probably the youngest person to take an award so that makes me feel speshul, aww. And what did my Grandmother have to say about it? "Win a bigger one next time!" Ok, I'm on it. Thanks PRAC, thanks Grandma. Z out.

digger monkies


Digger Monkey, not artist, has been my profession throughout the last two months. I joined up with an archaeological team to make some lewt and ended up staying a bit longer than the initial two weeks. It's hard. It's dang hard, but it pays well and I'd rather have poison ivy than work sales. I did a bit of artifact illustration while I was at it, an arrowhead, some pottery, and an old military jacket button. The arrowhead, and all other native tools, are deceptively hard to draw. They have to show how the chert was flaked to form the tool, so it ends up more like mapping than illustrating.

But now, at last, both Jill and I are back in Oakville, doin' stuff and... yeah, stuff. Bein' done. Kinda. I think I have to return to Sheridan next year if I'm to finish my degree, but I don't see that happening. Rather, I shall drift like a jellyfish in the ocean of life, swept by the currents and occasionally stinging people. As you can tell by that awesome metaphor, I have been doing a lot of writing. Well, actually I have! I'd super-dee-duper like to have something published this year so I'll be working on that, maybe try to bring the Rotten Fruit Sprites back. Hopefully Chaos 2 is completed someday and Furt and Gus are exposed to the world. ANTI released their days and week issue at last with my rotten bananas in it so anything is possible! I also need to hook up with people again, as I've been in the middle of nowhere for two months collecting great stories to share about propane and outhouses, timber wolves, and collapsing docks! Hooray! And how did the Liberals lose Oakville?

illustrative 2008


Hey all, just wanted to share the website of an Illustration festival being held it Zurich I believe and now taking submissions. Could be a good chance for some international exposure. The website is so have a looksee.

In other news, big thanks to my GRANDMA for help getting some work framed for my first go at a juried show coming in the Fall in Pickering. I also picked up a watercolour book while I was there, and I NEVER buy art books so you know it must be good! It's called 'The Watercolorist's Essential Notebook Landscapes' by Gordon MacKenzie, and aside from being a really nice book design, it has a lot of tips and tricks (watercolour is all about tricks!) that are applicable to more than just landscapes. I've also been reading another book about fairy art and it's origins and it's surprising, at least to me, to find that Shakespeare was possibly the greatest contributor to the movement towards an interest in fairies, for adults and children alike. Without the popularitiy of plays like A Midsummer Night's Dream, fairy (and I use the word very broadly) art may never have gained enough interest to develop the richness it has today.

As for my personal art, I have neither drawn nor painted in a good month, and it's damn near time I remedied that!

illustrophile feature


yes, it's a bit late, but i wanted to post a screencap of our feature on illustrophile (thank you so much, btw!) so here it is! click the image to go to our feature on the illustrophile blog.

creative spaces


Living and working in someone else's home is a huge damper on creativity. I thought when we came down to Ottawa to work for the summer I might still paint a bit at night and check out the arts community in this area in my off time, but by the time I've put in my shift and gotten back to my room that's just big enough for a bed, table, and laundry basket, all I want to do is vegetate. Shower, dinner, putter on computer, collapse. In 2 weeks I haven't written or drawn anything, and it's a total null mindset - no ideas, no execution, just existing. I think that working in your own creative space is best, working in a public space is not bad, but working in someone else's space is hard as heck.

However, it WAS quite neat to see our studio up on Illustrophile. Jill had said a bit about it before we left Oakville and I was looking through and seeing a few familiar names but I didn't think about it much after that, being so busy. Obviously Jill did though, because 2 days ago she called me over to show me the site again and I was pretty surprised to see 'hey... that's us!'

The last thing I did before we left was a submission for on online showcase magazine thing called ANTI. I wanted to get something in for their Days and Week (which I always think of as 'daze and weak' now) theme and the deadline was two days after we left Oakville, but I don't know what's up with it now. I got it in a couple days early but their page still says submissions open, deadline June 15th so I'm just waiting to see if something happens there. And here it is, my week long rotting banana project (which made my work area smell quite wonderful). I love painting rotten fruit!

fruits, veggies, and relocating


Vicki Nerino fashioned me this wee zombigranite pin, the first (I hope) of a veritable army of Rotten Fruit Sprite characters of its kind. Thank you Vicki!

As for myself, I've been painting fruits and veggies for various nefarious purposes. Like this rhubarb!

Art is however going to have to take a back seat for the next three months as we return to the Ottawa area to work (first at a strawberry farm, then doing interior finishing) to build up those much needed dollars that artists frequently lack.

P.S. Lots of good stuff to see over at, I've been enjoying browsing and seeing a few familiar faces!

ma'am sir show @ passion


Filipino artist show!
this Thusday, June 12th @ the Passion Lounge
774 Younge St, just south of Bloor
opens @ 7pm
free before 8pm or $5 at the door

first show after the grad show! i'll have 3 or 4 pieces up. hopefully i'll be part of many more, but Zach and i are headed back to Ottawa at the end of the week to work there for the rest of the summer. i'll still be trying to work on my Chaos2 story, which i've been slacking on horribly, and i also wanted to do some *gasp* traditional pieces for the Square Foot show @ the AWOL gallery in August. hopefully, hopefully.


website update

0 comments was updated today! 4 new pieces in scitech, 1 in personal and there's now 4 friend banners up in the link section. go check it out!

and here's something i forgot to post awhile back. it was my good friend Cyp's birthday from studioqube at the start of May so i drew him a present.


rotten fruit sprites


I've grown quite fond of Furt (the orange), Gus (the banana), and the others (zombigranites, molddoggs, Stinky) whilst working on the Rotten Fruit Sprites piece for Chaos 2. Fond enough that I think I'd like to do more with them - but what more remains to be seen! The story for Chaos 2 is finished now, it's 9 pages and an end page, and is 'to be continued...'. Now I have a couple months to stare at it and make little changes before the big print date. Below are a couple character studies done during the design stage that I've also made into buttons. Afterwards I found out there was a book character awhile back called the Stinky Cheese Man that my Stinky character resembles but I don't know if mine should be changed now... they're kinda similar but it seems pretty generic to put a round cheese on a body so maybe it's not so bad.

a bit late, but...


CHAOS!! a small graphic novel anthology put together by a group of friends from Sheridan college in the 2008 graduating year. it was a really fun and exciting project and being published (well, self-published, but still published) is a great feeling. having a hard copy of your work in print is just amazing. we're already started on the second volume. our contributer list has doubled and it looks like it'll be another exciting ride. we'll be at FanExpo in August selling CHAOSv1 and hopefully v2 as well.

[click the photo to go to the CHAOS website]


sheridan illustration grad show (part 2)


the grad show was a huge success! it was a lot of fun and packed the opening night. unfortunately i didn't talk to any of the industry guests and mostly hung out with friends and family but i did get to chat with a lot of people i don't get to see very often, so that was nice.

on to the photos! [click the photo for a link to a big photo collage]




the site is now up and operational!
check it out:


get with the arting!


I've been working on preliminary roughs for my Chaos the second contribution, dragging up 3 year old characters of mine and getting a little inspiration by looking at Scott Campbell's work.

Furt & Gus: Rotten Fruit Sprites!

Also, throwing it out there (briefly for now, more details later) for friends and peers, Jill and I do have a button machine and can take care of small scale (500 or less per order?) button production needs, for self-promotion, selling, next year's grad show, or whatever other purpose you might find for buttons!

Z out

welcome to the world


Wait, haven't I been here before? No? They call this the 'real world' for some reason, like it's all been fun and games up to this point, but now we're in for some SERIOUS business!

Jill's grad show was nuts. That was a LOT of people, fortunately some of them were old friends and family we hadn't seen in awhile. It was a good time, but I can say I've had my fill of downtown TO life for awhile.

Thanks to my buggered up wrists, I doubt I'll be able to finish my sci/tech illustration degree this Fall, but it won't stop me from being an artist *dramatic stance w/ lens flare*. Basically my ability to use a computer is severely reduced, but I never really liked those newfandangled things anyhow. I'm going back to the old, slow, no undo button way of working for everything but I don't mind all that much. The biggest trouble is the translation to digital - figuring out the specifics of preserving traditional quality once it's transferred to digital.

Right now we're finishing up the lotus ink studio website (coming very very soon!) and working on the first wave of promotional material (buttons, mailers, stickers, etc.). The biggest battle is getting our name out into a competitive market, and it's slow and sometimes intimidating, but that's the REAL WORLD!

Jill and I are both working on new stories for the second Chaos book (graphic novel anthology I think they call it), which will feature many peers (some from the first book like Jill, and some new recruits like myself) and a few special guests this time. I'm not giving anything away, but it's a safe bet to assume there will be fungus of some kind in my piece.

I think I'll leave it here for today, lots more to come soon though.

Z out

sheridan illustration grad show


the annual Sheridan illustration grad show is tonight (7pm-1am) and tomorrow (3pm-10pm) @ the Burroughes Building 639 Queen Street West, Toronto. excitement! will update with photos and more news after the weekend.


spring cleaning


wiping and revamping the blog. it's now a dual purpose blog for myself and Zach as we're going to be acting as a studio together. interpretive and sci/tech work wrapped up in one sweet lil package. as Pete Ryan once said, "you guys will be a double threat! like a scorpion with an uzi!"